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Rémy Dirrig
producer, wine maker

The Domaine du Bané estate is in the heart of the well known walnut area « AOP noix de Grenoble ». We do have also about hundred walnut trees (always in the ecological biodiversity philosophy) in production. There are only 3 sorts of walnut recognized with the AOP label : Franquette, Mayette and Parisienne. We do have 2/3 of Franquette and 1/3 of Parisienne and we also grow and harvest them with the same philosophy than our grapes and some years we do produce walnut oil out of our walnuts as natural as possible with a traditional millstone. The oil is bottled in 0.5l and only available at the estate.

This oil is pressed and bottled manually without mecanique manipulation. The oil can be kept for about 18 monthes cool. To be consumed fresh, not heated. It will go perfectly with all your fresh salads, vegetables, meat, fishes and mainly shellfishes. I would recommend also to try it in the plate onto your fish simply fried in the pane with a glass of our chardonnay!

Good appetite


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